Location: Charleston, Nevis

Waking up to an orange-flavored sky with hints of grapefruit was a perfect way to begin the day. After waking Oliver up with the beautiful sounds of pancakes being prepared, we worked together to make a variety of differently shaped and sized pancakes, including a sailing vessel that sadly never made it out of the harbor. After the strong-willed sailing team of 12 were well fed with pancakes and sugar, in terms of Nutella, we enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about navigating the wild oceans safely where the advanced went to Imane, and the basic students stayed on Breakaway. Margaux did an excellent job of teaching an integrative sail chat that everyone found amazing. We were then told that the sweet feel of land would be at our feet, much to Chris’s joy, but were then plagued by the longevity of the dinghy ride to the dock. While traversing the choppy waters of the leeward side of Nevis, we were given the opportunity to engage in a deep discussion that to Lana’s belief could have lasted 17 hours. While shore to was well earned, and the time to meet locals to get the inside knowledge of the best places to eat and visit while in the town of Charleston, Nevis. On the way back to the boat, our poor dinghy was running of fumes for the second to last trip of the day. About ten feet away from the boat (According to Justin) the engine just ceased to function from the lack of fuel. Justin rapidly pumped more fuel into the engine in hopes that this dire situation could be saved. After Maggie and Gemma’s hopes to swim the dinghy to the boat were shut down, Justin saved the day and was able to bring the dinghy back home. When Cameron went down to the galley to begin dinner, Lana fixed the head of the sail by reattaching it to the mast with a few handy knots and bends. She only needed her two hands and a set of pliers to save the day single-handedly. The day will continue with a night passage from Nevis to Antigua. Before leaving for Antigua, Linda was the hero of the night with her efforts to fetch the lettuce from the other boat. Overall today was an amazing day. The 12 man sailing crew are currently preparing for the sail of a lifetime from Nevis to Antigua tonight!