Location: West End, Tortola

What an incredible 15 days this had been! This Surprise crew has truly come together as a family and accomplished so much. As their instructors, we couldn’t be more proud to see how far they’ve come as divers and budding scientists. Our Neptune’s have successfully navigated their way to their Advanced Open Water certifications, as well as collecting six new specialties along the way. We had a fearless buddy team in Noah and Fed, always the first ones in the water once the dive flag went up. The tri-squad of our lovely lady Neptune’s held strong by Gia, Georgia, and Morgan. These chicks know how to have fun and were always the ones you wanted to hang out with on long safety stops. Over on the Dolphin side, we saw some incredible research projects pumped out by some amazingly passionate individuals. Bailin was our walking and talking fish ID book, and the guy to go to if you couldn’t find the name of that one blue fish with the thing on it. Claudia and Cat may have had to stay out of the water due to health reasons, but it sure didn’t hinder their work ethic, and they put together a phenomenal project on ammonia levels in relation to fish populations. Oliver and Jolie were also a part of that group, and they each did fantastic jobs being the main divers collecting all the water samples and data for their project. Collin proved to be a great skipper and was the first to jump up and volunteer to helm the boat. Blaise rounded off our Dolphin program and our crew as the designated daredevil and master skier. This group has been so full of surprises, and those who started off bashful and shy have really come out of their shells and proved to be some of the goofiest and funny shipmates we have had all summer. We have had such a blast getting to know this wonderful group of teenagers and watching them learn and grow. I am going to miss them so much and can’t wait to see them return to this vary dock next year with hugs and laughter. Surprise! I love you! Over!