Location: West End, Tortola

It feels like just yesterday that this trip started. We are so proud and impressed with all the things our students have accomplished. Our Rescue Divers rocked a number of scenarios and worked really hard to learn how to save lives. Micheal and Max took leadership roles during the scenarios. Kyle and Noelle were always ready to jump in and help with any job that needed to get done. Sebastian could always be found at the helm while we were sailing. Amelia has was there to support everyone and help with all aspects of life onboard. Alexandra loved all of the diving and rocked the rescue course. Our Neptune’s rocked hard to earn six certifications. Jeff showed off his dive skills while enjoying diving the wrecks. Aiden displayed his passion for diving during all aspects of the course. Rachel wowed us with her awesome waterskiing skills. We had an amazing session and are sad to see our shipmates go.