Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It is always incredible to see a group of shipmates from all over the world (7 states and four countries) come together. I can say without a doubt that this group was one happy tight-knit unit by day 2. It may have helped a little that our shipmates are quite a weathered AQ crew; collectively, they have spent 36 previous summers with us! To say we all love AQ and most of all each other is an understatement. From the first day our captain Sam told us Rule #1 (that we are the best and always have the most fun) our shipmates have been taking in each moment, appreciating our time together and loving every minute. Nico has taught us salsa lessons on the boat during surface intervals. Aaron has taken the most incredible panoramic photographs.

Oscar and Fritz keep us entertained as they tell their stories of crossing the Atlantic Ocean last year on Argo. Francesca has shown us her Tai Kwan Do moves and set up boxing stations for training for Jimmy and Max. Charlotte has taught us about her aspirations to travel the world while Sus is our resident lifeguard. Her skills are being tested in rescue diver training exercises! Caleigh spent the past two nights teaching us all how to wobble and leads us on group dance . . . To the most epic dance parties on the stern of our boat. Yesterday, the whole group completed Rescue training sessions, and Lily excelled at those skills. Isi has kept everyone happy during night rescue lectures with her peppermint tea! Emma is such a happy sweet little lady who really loves to wakeboard and constantly has a smile on her face. Sam and I love spending time with each and everyone one of our shipmates. Every squeeze question we learn a little more about each other our goals, past trips, places we’ve visited and who inspires us. It’s not surprising when many in our circle said that we inspire one another. As seasons staff members ourselves, Sam and I know this group of 13 shipmates is special. We are unplugged from the real world to spend time advancing the Rescue Diver skills, learning to sail and run Love, seeing baby manta feeding off our stern in GHP, appreciating the insane beauty of these islands, the sunsets, but most of all, appreciating these days together sharing our love of AQ, and love of our crew on Love of my Life. Parents, we hope you’re having a great summer. Sam and I are doing our best to give your teen the absolute best summer of their lives! Love and much happiness – Blair and Sam.