Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

What a trip! Peeps have had a fantastic week and a half on the water. Although the time has flown, it seems like our tight-knit crew has been together much longer. A lot has transpired since we left Soper’s Hole, our home in West End, Tortola. Our first night on the water was rainy and led to good winds for our second sail. We set a record at 9.3 knots on day three, which we have got to the top. According to Emily, this was the highlight of her trip so far. Our dive on day three, Wreck Alley, where we say two stingrays, was Jacob’s favorite part of the trip. Two days later we visited the Baths, Virgin Gorda. Time ashore allowed us to explore the caverns and boulders at this magnificent site. Afterward, we stopped for burgers and shore time in Spanish Town – Marlena’s favorite event so far. Amongst our adventurous activities, we have also taken time out for Lifeworks to allow us to get to know each other and discuss important issues.

Lifeworks was Jivika’s favorite event during the first half of the trip. On day seven, we took time out for a dance party, which was Christian and Martina’s highlight. The most popular activity as of yet was yesterday’s dive on the historic Rhone shipwreck. Tushor, Sam, Sophie, Rodrigo, and Lindsey all cited this dive and the friendly turtle we found as their favorite event. Pranav claims that despite all the action we have had, his favorite part of the trip was my rap performance incited by our “hidden talent” squeeze question. Today we are enjoying a bit of downtime inside and out of the rain. We are in our unofficial second home in the BVI, Great Harbor, Peter Island. As soon as the rain passes and our tanks are full, we will be making our second dive today. The Neptunes will be working towards their Boat Diver specialty while the Dolphins will search for fish on their Fish ID dive. We have a ton more excitement in store during the second half of the trip, so check back for more updates!