Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Halfway through our trip, the team is going strong. We have had many adventures and have had some amazing dives exploring the coral reefs beneath us. The Neptunes have been working hard, and are now all advanced open water divers! A fantastic achievement for all of them! Franny has done amazingly well, having completed both the open water and advanced in the program so far. Nicole has improved her diving immensely while Robby and Ben have been enjoying revisiting some old favorite dive sites such as the wreck of the Rhone, with the new perspective of being trainee wreck diving specialists. Chris has done an amazing job of improving his air consumption and is learning the names of loads of our fishy neighbors while Hannah is turning into quite the knot tying goddess, mastering both the Turk’s head and monkey’s fist. The Dolphins have been working hard too, and are now knee deep in designing their research projects. There are some great projects, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Sophie cracked underwater navigation today, and on a night dive too – no easy feat. Lucy has made it to 70 dives. Laura is getting into her species ID and building an impressive collection of drawings. Duncan is doing great, making some amazing photos for his underwater photography course. Adam has been learning to spin poi, his new favorite hobby. Leo has done a great job of perfecting his buoyancy and is turning into a really strong diver with a great deal of enthusiasm for science. Our skipper Mike, first mate Ben, and I have had an amazing ten days with our crew, and cannot wait for another ten!