Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Time is flying! It’s already day 10 of the first session, and I speak for myself, Mike, and Jess when I say that all thirteen shipmates and three staff have become one big, eccentric family. We have already loved twelve dives eaten 32 meals together, gone on a short hike on Salt Island, and clocked over 30 nautical miles. Over the last week, we have had our ups and downs as a team and family, but at the end of the day, we make it to our next destination and have done and seen some incredible things. The Neptunes – Mat, Nacho, Dan, Alyssa, Joe, Arjun, Alex, and Lindsey – are now all Advanced Open Water divers and well on their way to their other specialties. The Dolphins – Lydia, Kali, Sarah, Haley, and Lucy – are knee-deep in their research projects and specialties. All-in-all a good place to be for day 10. We have seen the best and worst of each other, and are all learning and adapting to make Mahi Mahi the best boat and have the greatest three weeks ever. Today the Neptunes and I had a great dive. We saw an awesome crab; a dancing spotted flatworm, two gigantic lobsters, and a baby octopus. We just ended the day with a huge Thanksgiving feast. Table conversation included dinosaur noises, laughter, and of course, philosophical talk about the meaning of life…Peace and Love, Jin