Location: Marina Cay

It’s crazy to think that our session is already halfway over. It feels like we just got started, and we’ve been having an amazing time. Our group of thirteen has grown to be such a tight-knit group, a family. Whether our group is staying up late to listen to Henrique’s jokes, or going to bed early after a long day of scuba and water-sports, everyone has bonded together. Tucker has been working hard to get our boat certified to scuba dive. Everyone has completed their confined water dives and have moved on to some cool open water dives. Madison, Maddie, Jared, and Matt have seen some cool things underwater, and have had fun fending off small moon jellyfish with their alternate air sources. Jaye, James, Henry, and Preston have been diving with Leah and having an equally awesome time. Upon completing their first open water dive, Jay, Henry, and Preston did some underwater flips, while James and Leah had a bit of a dance-off. While Julia is not diving, she’s having a great time in the Quest program doing things like turtle tagging in Anegada. She went with the Lifeworks program and caught the third biggest turtle, the Torin, the Lifeworks director, has ever seen. She named the turtle Fifi. The beginning of our trip has been very scuba heavy, but now we are also getting into the sailing much more. Everyone is excited to learn about the vessel we’re living on, and getting their certifications. We’re sad that this trip is flying by, but we’re all so glad we still have plenty of time together to enjoy some amazing experiences.