Location: Marina Cay

We have made it to Marina Cay with the crew in high spirits. After a long day filled dives at the Chimneys, just off of Great Dog, followed an afternoon of sail training, allowing the crew to get a feel for every line on the boat. Since we have left home sweet home, Soper’s Hole Marina, we have done everything from keelboat sailing to take an impromptu trip to Anegada, allowing everyone to snorkel in one of the most amazing areas in all of the Caribbean, Loblolly Bay. One of the first locations we visited, after a short visit to Peter Island to help out a fellow boat with engine issues, was Savannah Bay off the island of Virgin Gorda, where the students had their first opportunities to get their toes wet and breathe underwater for the first time in the wonderful blue waters of the Caribbean. Being cautious due to what could have become inclement weather, we decided to postpone all the diving for the following day and proceeded to go to the most scenic spot in the islands, the Baths, a place packed with mansion-sized boulders and a huge amount of history. Since then the crew has been getting a feel for how things work around the great vessel Spindrift. Lexi has taken quite the role as a leader and is so eager to try anything new. Jordan, aka Cookie D, keeps us in stitches the entire time. Riley, our Cali boy, is filled with great energy and humor. Olivier is a very knowledgeable sailor and passes that on to the crew. Lockie has a wonderful taste in music and has taken the role of a boat DJ. Chris is Riley’s partner in crime, and they love to get the party started. Sara is very intelligent and super inquisitive about what is going on. Michaela, Vanessa, and Izzy love the galley, and despite whether or not they are chefs is always lending a hand and adding something to the meals. Amy has taken the role of boat motivator and loves to raise the voice when needed to get the crew pumped up! It’s been amazing watching this boat come together as a family over the past nine days, and we are excited for what the rest of the trip brings!