Location: Marina Cay

My, my, has it been an eventful nine days! Everyone is getting along great, and we’re all having a blast! Ford learned to get up on a wakeboard and then clear the wake, all in the same go! Unbelievable! Marcela, Amelia, Mia, and Ford are almost done with their open water scuba certs and have been doing a lot of sail training the last few days. Pulling an ActionQuest first, the whole fleet overnighted on the beautiful island of Anegada and went for an incredible snorkel on the north side. Thomas and Nathan, currently working towards their divemaster certification, led their first snorkels there in Loblolly Bay. It was awesome seeing Barracuda and lots of coral, and they did an amazing job. Meanwhile, Sophie went with Eli to work with Lifeworks tagging sea turtles to provide scientific data. Sophie’s also working on getting CPR certified. Very cool! Shelby has been attending advanced diving and sailing certifications and has done some awesome navigation, and boat dives learning to use her compass and follow square courses and better her diving skills. We’ve also learned Shelby’s a great chef! There’s some pretty awesome stuff going on now, with a lot more to come- such as night dives for the advanced divers and sailing for all! Stay tuned!