Location: The Dogs

We’re halfway through our BVI voyage, and we can already tell this is going to be one to remember. The team of crew members that we have on board Changes are having so much fun making memories and friends that it really is going to be a sad day when we all have to go our own ways. Today was one of the most memorable days of the whole summer. It started out in Anegada, a rarely visited island that turned out to be a staff and student favorite. We ended the day with the sail back to The Dogs, and island national park midway between Tortola and Virgin Gorda for some night diving. As amazing as all the sailing and shore adventures are, it is the interactions between the students that had me smiling the most. On the bus ride out to Loblolly Bay, Will and Charlie were cracking jokes that kept the whole bus laughing. Out in Loblolly Bay Peter was so excited to go snorkeling with everybody from the other boats on the world’s third largest coral reef that he went without fins! Sailing back from Anegada, as soon as we got ready to raise the mainsail. Louise and Emmalee showed off their rapidly increasing sailing vocabulary and described perfectly how to raise the mainsail to the rest of the crew on the yacht. Cruising past the channel markers on the way out of Anegada, Marco and Anan worked together to trim the sails perfectly to the course that Blas was steering. Once the boat was moving, the students had her sailing along like she was on cruise control. Allie got busy teaching an impromptu knots lesson to a few other shipmates. By the time Alex got everybody thinking with his squeeze question, it was hard to imagine a better day at AQ. The thing is, with the crew we have, every day is this good. Everybody is learning so much about sailing, diving, and boat life that it blows my mind that we started from nothing just a week ago.