Location: The Dogs

Hello family, friends and, everyone else following the blog, Staff Skipper Mitch here. Boat life is sailing along smoothly here on Laurasia. We’ve visited numerous islands, and dived just as much. The Vega students; Leandra, Wyatt, Marti, Ryan, Max A. and, Max W., have all passed their PADI Open Water Dive Exams and are just two dives away from being certified divers. The Quest students; Julia and Adaline are now certified Emergency First Responders and will be very helpful in our communities. As an Emergency Medical Technician myself, I know I can count on them to initiate Basic Life Support until Advanced Life Support arrives to take over. On top of program achievements, this group of eight shipmates continues to surprise daily when it comes to sailing.

When I teach them something new, they remember it right away and can regurgitate it with ease. And luckily, they haven’t regurgitated anything else as of yet. As long as they study their books and pay attention during the written exam review, I will be able to certify eight more salty sailors. I’m going to pass the log onto First Mate Quincey. Hello all! As Mitch said, our shipmates have learned many skills pertaining to diving and sailing in the short time they have been here. We are having a blast sailing around the British Virgin Islands. Our most recent stop was the island of Anegada, where we spent a day playing on one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVIs.

Last night we had the wonderful opportunity to do a night sail from Anegada to The Dogs. The stars in the sky and the glowing phosphorescent algae in the sea made for a magical sail. We are all learning to live in the moment and enjoy the journey we are on together. I’m now passing the long over to Tucker, the dive instructor on board. Hello everyone! Like both Mitch and Quincey have said, our boat is currently full of eager learners with both sailing and diving. On the diving front, our Vegas have completed their dive exams, confined water dives, and their first two open water dives (which I hope they have enjoyed as much as I have). We have seen plenty of sea life, including cleaner shrimp, feather dusters, parrot fish, and many many more. It has been very refreshing watching these divers develop overtime and seeing their comfort levels and skills progress in the short amount of time that we have been diving. I am so excited to see this next group of certified divers come out of the water over the next couple of days.