Location: West End

There is silence on the boat. The continuous motion of the past three weeks has slowed, and 12 voids desperately need filling. Sadly the individuals who have left those voids have flown, drive, or sailed away from the Prosecutor and its staff, and we are left with incredibly vivid, hilarious, serious, and awesome memories that happen when 15 strangers come together in a 50-foot space and become great friends. As I look at the empty bunks I think of each shining individual who occupied them- Chad with his words of encouragement and his Kool-Aid t-shirt, Harrison at the helm as skipper of our first big race, Cooper taking spectacular photos, Arianna with her fantastic comments during the squeeze, Ethan mastering the flying figure eight knot, Carlie’s infectious laugh, Will’s impressive starfish sleeping formation, Carly volunteering for every tough job, Teddy’s raucous dance moves, Simon sleeping in his purple hammock under the boom, Jack’s enduring curiosity and fast moves on a Pico, and Caroline’s awesome yoga moves are a few of many mental pictures that flash through my head at any given time. The crew of Prosecutor has been blessed and lucky to meet such a top-notch group of students, and each and everyone has developed and displayed excellence in sailing, diving, and leadership that will serve them well as they go on in their daily lives. I can’t wait to hear about every new adventure our shipmates embark upon, and I know this is not a goodbye but rather a waiting period for our ships to cross once again. Thank you Prosecuties, for making session one unforgettable!