Location: West End, Tortola

We cannot believe that our time with the Bavastro family is up. It has been an amazing session, and every member is sad to see it come to a close. Together we’ve experienced the midnight rains and the arch of the milky way above our heads. We’ve witnessed the glorious symmetry of the sea, and the sky as galaxies of bioluminescence slid past our vessel. We’ve climbed to the clouds and back, and we’ve dove to the worlds that lay beneath the surface of the water. We’ve felt ourselves rise and fall with the whims of the tides and we’ve grown accustomed to the swells breaking against our beam. There have been moments when we have seen more beauty than we can take in with one breath and we’ve simply had to stop and watch in wonder and remind ourselves that this world we live in is wild and wonderful and beautiful beyond belief. What a grand adventure it’s been. From the island of Tortola to the Baths, to the birdsong-filled Muskmelon Bay, we’ve tasted adventure off the bow of our boat. We climbed to Mount Sage, the highest point in the Virgin Islands. We watched the sunrise as we did yoga on the tiny island of Sandy Spit. We did boom swing and baked delicacies in our little oven (banana bread and brownookies). We’ve seen sharks and dolphins and sea turtles and rays and jellyfish and smooth trunkfish and vibrant corals and spotted drum fish.

All 12 of our students earned both their PADI Open Water Diver certification and their IYT Crew Certificate! Congratulations to 12 new sailors and divers entering the marine world! Thank you, everyone, on Bavastro, for becoming so close. Thank you for your unexpected hugs and hours of laughter. Thank you for your growth and self-discovery. Thank you for being open and kind and ready to smile. Your smiles will be remembered here, at ActionQuest, long after you’ve returned to life on land. You’re a part of a grand tradition of sailors and pirates, seamen and woman, and travelers of the world’s oceans, who feel, deep in our hearts, the call of the waters and the wild. Thank you, dear friends, for a beautiful, exciting, and exorbitantly fun Bavastro Session 2 2019.