Location: West End, Tortola

Wow, we can’t believe that three weeks have flown by so fast! Our crew has gone from being mostly strangers to a well-oiled sailing machine. While we’re very proud of all the sailing and diving certifications earned, the best part of this trip has been watching all the friendships that formed along the way. All of our shipmates have gained a number of valuable life skills that come from living aboard a boat in close quarters with thirteen other people. We’ve loved watching our sailing newbies go from confusing a boom with a mast to perfecting their tacks and jibes, and our advanced students have done an awesome job honing in their knowledge of the more complex aspects of sailing. We’re also ending our journey with a boat full of advanced divers! From fish ID dives in Mountain Point to an incredible dive on the RMS Rhone, we hope that everyone has some awesome underwater stories to tell once they get home. While we know that we’ll miss every one of our shipmates and the energy that they brought to Saleya this session, we know that they’re all leaving with some awesome accomplishments – and we hope to see everyone back next summer!