Location: West End, Tortola

Another session has wound down here in the BVI. Orka Tew finds herself in West End with a full trip of sailing behind her. The Dolphins have finished their marine biology research presentations, and the Neptunes completed their advanced open water certification along with numerous specialties, we all feel quite accomplished as we reflect back on the trip thus far, a few moments stand above the rest. We will all miss Ellie’s ukulele playing, as her songs were always the best way to start the day. Rachel’s laugh was contagious and made everyone laugh with her, spreading the joy. Tyler always kept the feelings high with her music taste. Alex and her perfect buoyancy were a joy to have around on dives, while Grace giggled her way through this session. Joca, Koa, and Lucas had everyone in stitches with their crazy antics but never failed to help around the boat. The diving consistently left smiling faces, especially Kennedy and Sonya, who were always happy to jump into the water and dive dive dive. Jackson brought so much to the boat with his sense of humor and great personality. This session at ActionQuest aboard Orka Tew saw progression, hard work, laughs, squalls, and left us wishing for more. How the past twenty-one days have passed so quickly, we may never understand, but we are certain that our new found friendships will propel us forward to new and exciting horizons.