Location: West End, Tortola

And so session one on Seas the Day comes to an end. As sad as we are to see our shipmates leave their AQ home, we are excited for them to return home with their new knowledge, skills, and friendships. The Neptunes all experienced a fast-paced and intensive dive program, each earning their advanced open water certifications along with five specialties. The Dolphins joined us on our many underwater journeys but took a different approach as they investigated the marine biology aspect of diving, their work culminating in the design, execution, and presentation of their research project. Despite all the work that each student has put in for their programs, we found ample time for relaxing, playing, sailing, and most importantly enjoying each others company. The diversely talented group of shipmates made the boat a special and exciting place to be, just as much as we helped the shipmates learn, they taught us so much more. Evan was super helpful on board, getting into running the compressor and growing his skills as an already confident diver. Eddie flourished as a shipmate, making friends with what seems like the entire camp. Bean smashed it on dives and on the kneeboard! Bella was a delightful energy on board and taught us all a thing or two about how to make a quesadilla. Selma thrived as a budding marine biologist during the Dolphin projects and was a great resident yoga instructor.

Austin did a great job helming the boat and helping out with his research team. Morgan brought her energetic and lighthearted spirit to the boat and was always a stellar diver. Aliza was always available to laugh with and lend a beaming smile with others on board (she also made some incredible friendship bracelets). Maya excelled with drawing and artistry in her fish ID journals and was always ready to help other shipmates on board. Julia was our onboard dance coach and was always around the brighten the mood. Liliana was our queen of underwater facts, always able to tell you exactly what weird fish you saw on a dive. Violet was another excellent resident artist and photographer and a wonderful friend to all on board. Hope was an incredible diver, and always able to spread happiness with her strong conviction for positivity. Together, we enjoyed the sunsets, sunrises, wave, and stars. We will not forget our crazy squeeze ending, beach dinner, and all the good chats on the hardtop. We are so thankful to have had such a wonderful group of shipmates, and we wish them the best with their future endeavors. We know many our are shipmates are entering their senior year or are off to college in the fall and we hope they will bring the confidence, maturity, and knowledge they have gained here with them. Thank you for a wonderful session!!