Location: West End, Tortola

As the session comes to a close, and the most beautiful sunset of the trip fades out of the sky, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the experiences that have culminated over the past 21 days. We can’t possibly sum up the entirety of the trip in one go, but we can at least attempt to share a few of the many highlights from this session. Working as a team led by Claire, our skipper of the day, we won the sailing race from Soper’s Hole to Peter Island. Marcelo proved to be a skilled wakeboarder and skier, and Felix mastered the 360 on a kneeboard. Zack received the highest score on the final sailing exam, and Jack showed off his intense climbing and bouldering skills at The Baths. Molly consistently shared her wide variety of dance moves with both our boat and other boats, always bringing a touch of silliness to the anchorage. Avery was a true weapon in the kitchen, sharing her cheffing expertise with everyone on the boat. Sammy learned how to properly coil a line and was a pro-knot tier by the end of the session. Mimi and Meyer had an amazing time with their advanced open water certification and especially loved doing the night dive at Great Harbor. Donovan and Mason had a great time diving together as dive buddies, proving their skills during their deep dive adventure dive. Mason also had a great time stepping up as a leader on the Zest dinghy sailboats, eagerly sharing his vast knowledge of small sailboats with the rest of the shipmates. All around we have had an action-packed, invigorating trip with many laughs and memories to last a lifetime. Although everyone is excited to get to see their families and friends at home, it is safe to say that that the first session on Lascaris will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts as its own kind of family. It is with tears in our eyes that we prepare to say goodbye to those who have made this time and place feel like a home away from home, and we hope to see everyone back for summer 2020.