Location: West End, Tortola

The crew of Blue Tide is sad to see this session end. We are proud to see how much our students have grown in just three weeks, and hope that when they get home, they will not only remember everything they have learned but also the good times along the way. We know for a fact that our four advanced sailors will have a greater understanding of the nuances of everything sailing. We were amazed at how quickly Lane understood the fundamentals of the sail chats and then applied that to the practical exam, and how McKenna has grown to love being on the anchor team and snubbing the anchor at the end, even though she calls it a “sniffer.” We found out that Nolita has certainly reached her peak performance buoyancy in diving and looks like a professional underwater! Emilija showed her true leadership abilities on our first race day by commanding the team into action. Marley has perfected the art of helming and docking Blue Tide, and Lily made us all feel confident with her sailing skills with her man overboard drills. On our small boats, known as zests, Priya has been skippering like she’s been sailing for years. Wyatt has been showing everyone his skills on a wakeboard, while Ben has been showing off his waterskiing talent. Nathan has been sharing his knot tying abilities with the crew. As we remember the past 21 days, we hope our shipmates continue to grow, learn, and explore this beautiful world. As always standing by on channel 72. We are going to miss them terribly, but as the age-old saying goes; “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”