Location: West End, Tortola

Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks! We’ve had nine shipmates go through an entire Divemaster program, and we are so sad to say goodbye to them so soon! From Allissa’s underwater flossing with the Vegas and her fab pancakes to Ben’s zebra print shirt, every shipmate has left a wonderful unique tidbit of themselves for us to remember them by. Chase’s love of Lilo and Stitch makes us think of bringing fish peanut butter sandwiches, while Oliver’s love of eating reminds us to make enough of them. Justin’s adventure with garlic bread taught us to demonstrate the proper amount of butter and Noelle has taught us all about KPOP music. We’ll never forget Molly’s Discover SCUBA Diving workshop where she put her fins on her hands and clapped them together or Claudia causing the kind of giggle fits that devolve into silent laughter you can barely breathe through. The Vegas will miss begging Jake to dive with them, but its the three of us who will miss our nine DM Candidates most of all. Congratulations — you all did it! Look out: nine new divemasters are coming your way!