Location: West End, Tortola

The second session of 2018 is coming to an end on The Entertainer. It has been an eventful 3 weeks on our circumnavigation of the BVIs. From starting out in Soper’s Hole we have visited 10 islands only to be returning back to our home base. Our shipmates have embraced everything in their stride from dancing in the pouring rain, to wreck diving, through to almost catching turtles. They have bonded fantastically as a group and grown together helping and supporting each other all the way through the 3 weeks.

Fritz started The Great PFD war of session 2 using sneak attacks to unzip the pockets. He always helped long lining the dinghies.

Ethan showed a passion for diving from the beginning and thoroughly doing his night and wreck specialties.

We had a constant party on board The Entertainer this session, with impressive singing provided by Allissa, accompanied by her dance partner Bria, who almost gave us a 21-day long dance show.

Max kept us on our toes with his impressive knowledge of engines and a passion to learn more.

Natalie spent most of the session falling over and keeping us entertained with her many facial expressions and stitch impressions. She mastered the monkey’s fist knot and was always first to be on the mooring team.

Molly showed off her diving skills throughout the trip and managed to do one dive without weights on the last day. She also was a key member of her Dolphin team project and was always there to lend a hand on the boat, especially putting the boys in their place.

Jules finished her Open Water Course to become a certified diver with her ability to improve every day. Her new skills enabled her to contribute to her groups Dolphin project, who delivered an impressive presentation to the group.

Julia and Desirae were both essential parts of life on board. They contributed to their respective Dolphin projects whilst improving both their sailing and diving skills.

Caitie has come a long way over the past three weeks growing in confidence and becoming an important member of the group. She provided a calm presence which everyone aboard appreciated.

Emily and Alex took on the role of DJs for the session, choosing the “bops” for our sails. Both were crucial parts of their Dolphin research project teams looking at Sea Fan size and Sponge response to turbidity.

Marta ruled the boat with her quick wit and Spanish sass. She also overcame an ear infection to complete all her specialties.

This has been a fantastic session with shipmates that will be hard to beat. They will all be truly missed going into the final session of the season.