Location: West End, Tortola

It’s been a whirlwind three weeks out here in the BVIs! As we find ourselves here at departures days, it’s crazy to think back and realize that 21 short days ago was the first time this group of strangers all gathered together aboard Changes in Latitude. We’ve had countless adventures, conversations, laughs, and memories together and saying goodbye to a group this special is easily going to be the hardest part of this session.

The Neptunes all experienced a fast-paced and intensive dive program, each earning their advanced open water certifications along with five specialties. The Dolphins joined us on our many underwater journeys but took a different approach as they investigated the marine biology aspect of diving, their work culminating in the design, execution, and presentation of their research project. Despite all the work that each student has put in for their programs, we found ample time for relaxing, playing, sailing, and most importantly enjoying each others company.

Nathan brought a whole new level to the groups diving experience with his photography interest and more importantly, his “vlogging” interests #itsyaboy. Carol wowed us with her wakeboarding skills and coached others as they took on that challenge for the first time. Cat, discovered the joys of both small and big boat donuts while experiencing the power of 15 happy thoughts. Kristen kept us all entertained with her enthusiasm for quesadillas, and we are so thankful that she acted as our honorary blog photographer. Given how much time we spent out in the sun and underwater we were almost always hungry, so it was certainly a good thing we had our master chef Jackson who is incredibly passionate about the AQ menu and Colin to bring unique snack options and creative desert selections to the table. Will and Lance early on discovered the joys of sailing and were often fighting to be the first person ready at the winch handle. Chloe kept us all up to date on her favorite and most amusing vines. Hudson led our anchor team with serious enthusiasm while Mack kept said a team was constantly laughing with her spontaneous dancing. Marina was always ready for a new challenge and was a great help during the dive side sail race during her turn at the helm. Alex drove us out of the anchorage at The Bight towards our final dive destination and flawlessly maneuvered between boats.

All in all a phenomenal session with phenomenal shipmates! We have so many great memories to take away with us, one of the highlights, of course, being our triumphant win during the dive side sail race! Thanks for everything Changes!