Location: West End, Tortola

It has been wonderful three weeks sailing aboard our beautiful home High in the Breeze. Every day we have been met with new adventures to cherish with the lifelong friends we have made during our time here. From dancing the night away on the beach to diving coral reefs deep beneath the surface, every single person on the boat is coming away a changed person, with newfound confidence and gratitude for the lives they get to live. As the students pack their bags and begin to say their goodbyes as they return to their families, we the staff can’t help but reflect on how special every member of this crew is. Fiona always had us laughing, cracking jokes and telling stories. Mathilde was also always the first to jump at the chance to learn a new sailing or diving skill. Viv was a friend to everyone on board and is always looking forward to the next chance at an adventure. She is incredibly thoughtful and is always sure that every person is included in activities. Sam has developed an awesome passion for diving, and he has become such good friends with everyone. Bridget’s glowing smile always brings a sense of calm to the group. She is a fantastic diver, as well as always bringing with her a sense of beauty and grace into any situation on board. Fitz is one of the leaders on board, making sure that things are running smoothly. He loved diving, and he excelled at windsurfing, Zest sailing, as well as commanding the vessel for sailing maneuvers during the races. Morgan is always happy and carries a smile everywhere she goes. She is inquisitive and is not afraid to take the helm while sailing. Connor has gained incredible confidence on this voyage, and the other staff members on the program always have something positive to say about Connor. He is incredibly intelligent and loves to share his knowledge with those around him. He always brings his A-game, and goes 10 out of 10 at any task he sets out to accomplish! Nick loves to help the other shipmates practice their knots, and has himself excelled at perfecting his sailing knowledge and learning diving. He is always charismatic and energetic and brings energy into any room he enters. Nick is incredibly knowledgeable, but that also means he loves to learn about new things! He always challenged the staff with questions that got us thinking about both sailing, diving, and life in general. Dory’s charm will be missed onboard High in the Breeze, but during her time here she made an impact on every person she met on her boat and the other boats in the fleet. She is strong and independent and isn’t afraid of a challenge. Gabby’s laughter and enthusiasm always picked up spirits when people were feeling low. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is the first to help out when there is something to be done. She has become a great diver, as well as a great person and friend. Every person on this vessel displays fantastic leadership qualities, and have become like a family to each other. I cannot believe that tomorrow they will all depart on whatever adventure they are headed to next. Parents, thank you for sharing your students with us. They are some of the best shipmates we have ever experienced, and we cannot wait for you to see the growth they have experiences as divers, sailors, and human beings. We hope to see every one of them back here for another life-changing experience.