Location: West End, Tortola

What a fun-filled, self-realized, and an adventurous past three weeks we have had onboard Lascaris. We are still in shock that just a short time ago we welcomed 11 shipmates from different walks of life onboard, and we are ending the session as a family. We are so sad to be saying farewell to the 11 individuals who have been able to call this boat their home. We have accomplished so much this session. We now have eight new, certified advanced open water divers and three new, certified open water divers. We now also have ten newly certified sailors and one certified advanced sailor. They have learned to waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, tie knots, and how to be more environmentally conscious individuals. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to watch this group grow in their skills and their confidence. We have shared many laughs, random dance and song outbursts, movie nights, halyard swings, fun dives, evening chats, and nights spent sleeping under the stars in hammocks. Each shipmate has brought something to this crew to make the experience unforgettable. Bobby has taken on the role of the snack provider and boat clown, as he is always wearing a tank boot as a hat. Cooper, being the advanced sailor onboard, has become a leader, taking charge and giving orders when we are sailing and racing the boat. Kai is always teaching and entertaining the group with his many miscellaneous and fun facts that he has memorized. Sonya is another leader onboard, always volunteering to help with anything and everything and constantly motivating the boat to do more. Adam’s winter hibernation ended after a few days aboard, and we have thoroughly enjoyed his random improvised musical outbursts. Ellie’s energy kept the boat alive and filled with laughter and chatter. Jackson has demonstrated such eagerness to learn about everything on board while joking about everything. Alex has held her spot as a calming presence on the boat all while taking on and mastering the challenges of boat life. Jack has become an amazing sailor and kept the boat (and other boats) spirits high with his ukulele playing. Noah has come out of his shell and keeps the boat laughing with random jokes out of nowhere. Lana (“the Czar”) has mastered everything that is ActionQuest, along with keeping the crew on their toes with her puns. We will miss each infinite amounts, and we wish them nothing but luck and happiness, and they head back home. The crew of Lascaris, standing by on 72.