Location: West End, Tortola

As program comes to a close, we take time to reflect on all the amazing things we’ve done and learned. Hannah Mo led us to victory on our first two races (among the monohulls) She kept everyone focused and busy. Maisie did an awesome job working the main sheet and keeping everyone on the high side. During our diving experiences, Lily did so excellent staying neutrally buoyant and looking natural in the water. Nick and Ally have not only mastered the art of making pancakes, but also sharing their advanced knowledge sailing with the crew. Oliver has been an overall awesome hand aboard, motivating everyone into action. Avery has these amazing moments of energy where she gets everyone on task and amped for whatever we are about to do. Neil has been giving everyone wise words to live by day-in and day-out. Lyle does such a good job catching lines and tying cleat knots. Paulina has really perfected helming while under sail, often accompanied by commands to other crew in Russian accents. Hannah Tate serenades us with her ukulele and started teaching some of us the cards to Imagine by the Beatles. Gabriel found his skipper’s voice and helps us with raising sail and trimming them. As we wrap up the trip, and the turtle count rounds to a surprising 11, everyone is sad to pack up and leave. We are all so thankful for our amazing shipmates and fun times we’ve had these past 21 days. They came as teenagers from all over, on day 21 they leave as family. Can’t wait to hear about their future adventures – maybe see them out on or under the water again someday.