Location: West End, Tortola

What an amazing three weeks! Thank you so much to the families who allowed us to spend the first session with your students. Over the trip, we have earned sailing certifications, diving certifications, made a ton of jokes and learned and lived under the stars in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. I know for a fact that I have been confident in Max’s ability to sail from day one, but seeing him grow over the past couple of weeks has been amazing. Sophie and Justine were good friends from the beginning of the trip, and it was such a treat to watch them grow from two reserved girls to two giggling and outgoing girls who were the root of many of the jokes and laughs that came to Calypsos deck. Moriah is a lovely and outgoing girl whose excitement for scuba and sailing makes my heart, as well as all of her other instructor’s hearts, very happy for her future. Ian is always there to hit you with a sly joke; I loved playing who would win. (blank) or a T-Rex? with him. We had some disputes as to whether Dwayne the Rock Johnson would win or the T-Rex(I think the Rock still). Arden always woke me up with a plethora of silly hypothetical questions and magic tricks, which I fully enjoyed. She was always a trouper, even when she was having a rough day (like when her whole journal fell in the ocean, and she had to start over!). Will is definitely the goofball of the group, although he and Fernando constantly competed for who could get the most laughs. Both are such nice and loyal friends to everyone on board, and it was a pleasure to have them create such a fun environment for all the other shipmates, as well as for us! Tristan was always ready to hop up and help trim the sails, especially on race day when we needed it most! Without his constant enthusiasm, there is no way that we would have placed 3rd in the big race. Rachel and Madison, the two twins, were always eager in scuba and are such great and attentive learners. It was very fun and engaging as an instructor to have them challenge your knowledge base by creating new questions that you have never even thought about yourself! They are both extremely intelligent and fun. Nathan was my anchor bud; he was always the first to jump up and help with setting or raising the anchor. He has some of the best coils of the entire group! Overall we had an amazing time, full of inside jokes, lots of cooking, and learning how to use the galley, swimming, exploring the Baths, hiking, diving, and learning a ton about sailing. I will miss this great group of students, but I am confident that they are leaving ActionQuest with new inspirations and goals to set out and make the world a better place!