Location: West End, Tortola

This has been such an amazing trip for everyone involved. Andy, Elliott, and I have had an amazing time working with the crew of Knot Guilty. In just three short weeks, twelve strangers have become one close family. They are already organizing a reunion in North Carolina to get everyone back together. Brage, Ian, and McKenna are all from North Carolina and have decided that it is a central meeting place for everyone. As the program comes to a close, the goodbyes are going to be difficult, but the memories that everyone has made will last forever. No matter what, we’ve had fun every day together. Today was race day, which was so much fun. We raced from the Bight to a buoy in Road Town and then back to Peter Island, with our skipper Valerie at the helm. It was a huge team effort, with Casey, Sam, and Lindsey working hard to raise the mainsail. Then Mike, Annie, and Lulu unfurled the jib, with Joe and Kaki working the furling line. And that was to get the race started. As we turned off the engine to make it a complete sailing race, all our shipmates cycled through to tack and jibe us past other boats.

Valerie loved being at the helm, but wanted to get her hands on some other things as well, and allowed Ian, Brage, and McKenna a chance to steer the vessel while underway. The race was a lot of fun for us, and I’m sure for the other boats also (except maybe the ones we left in our wake). Unfortunately, we couldn’t race all day and needed to get back to West End for the final BBQ. Now that we’re on the dock in West End, everyone is getting a little teary eyed. It’s hard to look back at the past few weeks and realize that they are ending. With a final squeeze question, we reflected on what we have learned about ourselves and what we hope to hold on to from this trip. And now we are making our last decision as a family and a team. We have decided to all chip in for a piece of the ActionQuest flag that has waved high above Knot Guilty for the past few weeks. With this, we can all take a piece of our boat home and remember that amazing times we have shared.