Location: West End, Tortola

It has been an amazing 20 days onboard Mary Morgan filled with unbelievable times and adventures. It was only fitting that our last full day on the water ended up being one of the most successful. Officially certified as rescue divers after breakfast, our team also put their best foot forward on race day and pulled off an incredible comeback to take first place. It really epitomized the attitude of our boat, as our students have been continuously challenged with advanced skills and knowledge, and, even after setbacks, always breakthrough with a successful result.  Rodrigo has been a natural leader on board the boat and has always been great at bringing the team together.  Jordan and Heather have embraced the challenges of the course from day one and are always the most prepared for every exercise. Katherine is our academic and is always looking for more details to help lead her to success. Jack is our resident waterman and seems to spend most of the day with his mask and fins on, scuba and free diving every chance he gets and making the most of this opportunity. Hugh is always in a great mood and truly loves and appreciates every moment of the day, keeping everyone’s spirits up.  Adam is our Hercules, and in addition to facing the gauntlet of physical challenges, his shipmates created for him are always lending a hand wherever it is needed. Sophie is on top of every scenario, always keeping an eye out for the things that need to be happening, while Blas makes sure all of our scuba and first aid procedures are being performed correctly. Isaac has been light years ahead of his age and, while getting the loving little brother treatment from his older shipmates, has performed every bit as well as our older students. Johnny and Chris always keep us laughing with their antics and make sure we are enjoying every second of our time here. Max is one of the most good-natured students I’ve ever had and is always seeing the best in those around him. Connor has done an incredible job at every turn and in addition to being our lead on CPR, also had the top score on our rescue exam. Overall our staff has been blessed with a boat of superstar students who have created and an absolutely incredible experience for everyone on board. While I know the tears will be flowing in a short time, I take comfort in the fact that all of us will be looking back on our adventure together with giant smiles, always remembering our incredible voyage together.