Location: West End, Tortola

Three weeks ago twelve shipmates boarded MJ, along with three staff members. We all introduced ourselves slowly, letting go of the nerves and anxiety surrounding a new experience. Gradually over three weeks, we have gone from strangers to friends and family. Our boat has experienced amazing things together, like a wreck dive of a plane, the wreck of the Rhone, and a few night dives. We have ten newly certified advanced divers. Jack, Jonathan, Ben, JP, Jeromy, Charlie, Heather, Morgan, Chloe, and Raya have taken their exam and completed their certification requirements. They couldn’t be more excited.

Ian, an already certified advanced diver, has gotten the chance to improve his skills and knowledge while helping his fellow shipmates. He has loved the dives on MJ and is having a great time. Amanda is now a newly certified open water diver. Being newly certified, she didn’t get to dive with the rest of the shipmates at the beginning of the trip. She is thrilled that she can now join MJ and has been having a blast. Our boat has never seemed closer, and we are all shocked by how quickly these weeks have flown by. Although we are all still enjoying ourselves every day, the sadness that hints at the approaching goodbyes is creeping. We have such a good time that nobody wants to go home yet. Jeromy has been our boat photographer, so we hold onto those memories. And when we do begin to feel sad, Ben tells us jokes and stories to make us laugh and forget that it’s ending. As everyone returns home soon, they will all be returning with new skills. Jack, Jon, JP, and Charlie are now experts at tying hammocks, while Heather and Chloe have become professional pancake chefs, and Morgan and Raya have become expert deckies cleaning their hearts out. This has been an amazing experience for the shipmates and staff alike. MJ has had a fantastic crew that we hope will be friends forever and will hold onto all the memories and stories that have accumulated over the past three weeks.