Location: West End, Tortola

Having come full circle, looking back on the last 20 days, it is amazing to see everything our crew of Asteroids has accomplished. Although our interpretation of a Kraken attacking a sailboat did not win the sandcastle competition, there were many other boat victories along the way. Open water and advanced scuba diving certifications, International Crew and Flotilla Skipper sailing certifications, and third place in the first race of the session are only a few of the tangible achievements this boat has accomplished. In all of my years at ActionQuest, it’s hard for me to remember a boat that has bonded as quickly as Astrid. Our crew of twelve have become such a cohesive unit that it’s difficult to believe they’ve only known each other for twenty days. Manuel, Mason, Henry, and Sophie all became rock star scuba divers, which they all proved to me by way of an underwater race with no fins, and a dance competition. Nikki, Carly, Giacomo, and Frankie’s dive instructor, continually tells me how proud she is of her group of advanced scuba divers, who I’m told have had a wonderful session of deep dives, night dives, planning their dives, and even an underwater ninja fight or two. Sarah and Diana, who started the trip with no prior sailing knowledge, have proven their skills at the helm and become fine sailors (I’m also told they can tear it up on a wakeboard now as well). Elle had an amazing time in the Quest program, and the impact she felt after interactions with the local school children surely will not soon be forgotten by those children. Also, Ralph, who told me last night these past three weeks were the quickest 21 days of his life, is not only leaving with a new scuba certification but a boat full of eleven new friends. The same can be said for Zach, who is not only leaving this trip with multiple certifications but a new hairstyle as well. To all my Asteroids: Nikki, Elliot, and I are already missing all 12 of you. As the first and only crew on Astrid this summer, you all made this an unforgettable session. Hitting 9.2 knots, Olympics night, boat dance parties, the bucket jumping over overboard day 2, and the best cookie brownies ever (if I do say so myself) are only a few of the memories I’ll take away from this trip. This. Is. Astrid. P.S. Also, Bollywood.