Location: West End, Tortola

These past three weeks on board, Sambamba has gone by in an eye blink! Every day has been packed full of adventures. Whether it be sailing, Picoing, scuba diving, snorkeling, beach-going, or class, we are always doing something new! Karl, Smudge and I are so proud of everything our crew has achieved in such a short amount of time! I really have enjoyed watching everybody develop into better scuba divers! The Vegas onboard: Ricky, Lou, Julien, Jack, Twinks, and Hellie are now certified, open water divers! A whole new world has opened up to them all. My advanced scuba divers have completed all of their training dives! They all enjoyed doing their adventure dives for deep diving (we descended to 70 feet), boat diving (from a dinghy and monohull), night dive (we saw a baby nurse shark on our 1st night dive), navigation dive (we learned how to use a compass underwater) and wreck diving! They are also boat, underwater naturalist, and night diver specialists! Today we are all diving a shipwreck called the RMS Rhone. Our goal is to find the spoon from the cup of tea the captain drinking when the hurricane struck. This is my personal favorite dive; I’m sure they all will feel the same after. ┬áSambamba has had an amazing three weeks together. We have a spectacular group of both staff and shipmates. I don’t want to see it end.