Location: West End, Tortola

After a wild and amazing 20 days with the crew of Gemini II, the session is coming to a close. Finishing a close second in the race from Road Town to the Bight at Norman Island, Gemini II has picked up a mooring ball for her last night out on the water.

While the chefs are preparing dinner, the crew is showering and reflecting on what an incredible experience this trip has been. Scuba diving some of the best spots in the Caribbean and sailing around the entire BVI has been an absolute treat, but the truly unforgettable moments have all come from the crew. Hailing from four continents and five countries, the individuals aboard Gemini II have brought a wide range of experiences and perspectives, yet they have also come together to create a unique family. Nico and Jessica’s hard work on the dive boat has paid off as they will soon earn their professional Divemaster certs. Sam and Raoul have completed a wide range of dives to gain their advanced diver certs. Andres and Christian are always quick with a joke and taught us all a few words in Danish. Sarah and Christian’s sarcasm and humor were always a welcome reprieve when training gets too serious. Gabby and Leon can always light up a room with their smiles. Izzy and Julie bring a “can do” attitude and unparalleled enthusiasm.
Everyone has left a lasting impact, making this trip no one will soon forget. And although everyone is leaving the BVI, the impression everyone made is here to stay.