Location: West End, Tortola

Looking around Changes things seem a bit different than they did the first night on the water- hair is blonder, the skin is bronzed, and 12 strangers have become a fantastic close-knit crew and friends. Our circumnavigation of Tortola was anything but dull as the shipmates have turned into open water divers, advanced divers, night divers, and coral reef conservationists. These students have also upped their sailing skills and became IYT, competent crew members. As we sailed back to the Bight, the students reminisced about the sights we saw cruising back: The cave snorkel, Peter Island diving, Road Town exploring, and so much more. The bittersweet sail back has left the students hungry for an exciting sailing race tomorrow to show off their skills and eager to see their many new diving certifications cards. It has been a whirlwind. Early mornings, packed days, loads of laughs, tons of fun, and a sea of remarkable memories.