Location: West End, Tortola

Wow, day 20 — I can’t believe how fast this awesome trip around the BVIs has gone. We’ve all come so far both nautically and personally. Not only have our seamanship skills increased dramatically since day one, but we have also gained several diving qualifications and perfected making scrambled eggs for 15 people in a single spot (and dancing the Macarena on our safety stops).

The Neptunes have all achieved their advanced open water certifications and loads of specialties, including boat, night, wreck, equipment, and fish identification. The Dolphins have completed some fantastic and original research projects on the coral reefs we have been exploring, as well as gaining lots of specialties including digital underwater photography, night diver, science research diver, and naturalist.
Not to mention, of course, all of the fabulous diving we’ve been doing on the best wrecks and reefs around the BVIs. What has made this trip great, however, was how well the crew has gelled together and become a team. We have all had a fantastic trip and will carry many fond memories of our time on boat Second Wind (assisted by our noble steed GusGus) … and we only lost three forks overboard!
Until the next adventure,
Team Second Wind