Location: West End

It’s already day 20, and Spindrift III has made phenomenal progress on board. With the advanced sailors (Carinas) literally grabbing at the helm, being a staff member becomes just that much easier! With Justin at the wheel, we scraped away 1st place in the entire fleet! We can’t forget our major players on deck when Margot, Sarah, Jan, Mar, and Alejandra go crazy on the jib sheets. The skipper of the day has also become a greatly valued position, and everyone seems to want to be in charge of the vessel. From jobs around the boat to scuba diving, our Spinnies have shown amazing responsibility and passion for the ocean. Matthew just recently told e that his least favorite job has suddenly changed to his absolute favorite. Thanks to the amazing group we have on board, we make it possible to stretch out of our comfort zone and explore. It looks like Lina, Ben, Robbie, Jacob, and Slater are enjoying some spontaneous boat jump picture taking… looks like this crew has been together for years. Never have I seen such a group come together so quickly and create such an intense bond with one another. Conflict and negativity just haven’t been parts of this trip, and I’m not sure I could ask for more. I’d like to finish this up with personally thanking the crew of Spindrift III for a genuinely unforgettable three weeks!