Location: West End

Twenty-one days, one session of AQ is all it takes to turn a boat into our boat, the big fish, Mahi Mahi has been our home for these amazing three weeks, and it has changed every one of us and given some amazing memories. Memories like the incredible dives at Blonde rock where Hannah and Robbie spotted two black tip reef sharks, or on Wreck Alley when Adam and Jess saw a manta ray. Adam was adept not only under the water but as our resident mountain goat climbing up Dead Chest Island. Our adventures took us all over, like snorkeling the mangroves where Laura said she understood what ActionQuest is about- “where the classroom is all around you, and there is so much to see.” Sofia’s favorite part was making it to the top of Mt. Sage because of the accomplishment she felt. It might also have been all the times she pushed Chris in the water for another one of his hilarious jokes. For Ben and Lucy, it was the simple things, like watching the incredible night sky looking for shooting stars. Everyone was a fan of Frannie, our resident boat DJ who always knew the right song to get us going in the morning. Speaking of music, everyone is still talking about Leo’s guitar jam in Road Town. Duncan will be remembered for his enthusiasm for all things sailing and high fives. And if there is anyone who deserves a huh five, it’s Heather and Nicole for stepping outside of their comfort zones and jumping off the big rock at Seal Dog. It’s been an incredible trip and Mike, Jess, and I have had such a good time exploring the islands and waters of the BVIs with the shipmates of Mahi Mahi!