Location: West End

We cannot believe our trip is ending today; it seems that we have just begun. However, looking over our weeks as a crew, we have accomplished so much. Parker, Jonathan, Emily, and Henderson have completed their Divemaster course, making them PADI professionals! Devon continued her diving career with the Carina program and made incredible plans for her future. It is hard to think. Changes will be able to sail without Jules and Santiago jumping around the mast, pulling the halyard up in record time. More than anything, we will miss all of the laughs on Changes. Pedro has never failed at cracking us all up, and Ben’s corny jokes always help lighten up the mood. Meal times will never be the same without Sep, and as we settle into our last dinner as a crew, it is evident that meal times have helped us know each other because all of the activities pause and we all listen.

All in all our trip was phenomenal, with Jose absolutely killing it on the helm and Victoire sneaking around with her cute little giggle. Changes has newly certified divers, four Divemasters, and seven newly certified sailors, all the while creating unforgettable memories. We came, we saw we conquered!