Location: West End

Day 20 has come around far faster than anyone expected, but I guess it’s as they say; time flies when you’re having fun! The shipmates/crew have changed significantly since we first got them at the dock. No longer shy and quiet strangers in a new place, but a new family in its new home! One that will sadly have to break up soon as everyone jets off to their respective places they call home. They will leave knowing they gave it their all and lived the sailor’s life while learning and sharing their experience with other like-minded individuals and friends. After an awesome dive on the Rhone yesterday, our shipmates had their first, and only, relaxed and laid-back morning. Jorge and Gonzalo prepared a delicious pancake breakfast while Lucas continued to kill it with his morning music selection. After breakfast, we took the crew for their last ski session. Max and Nick killed it on the slalom, while Marcelle showed off her sick moves on the kneeboard and Blanche rocked the wakeboard. On the short sail to Road Town, the capital of the BVI, Ashleigh, Tess, and Sydney showed up the boys by raising the mainsail. After a few hours at port, Victor set the tone for a high energy sail with one of his famous freestyle raps and Cesar blew our minds yet again with his French sarcasm. Jack, Bobby, and Emelia are so proud of all the shipmates to have accomplished. It’s been a great session!