Location: West End

The best part of today was hearing the shipmates tell me that “it felt like we were here a week ago.” In reality, three intensely fun weeks have passed by, and I can officially call this boat a family. Whether it’s our Vegas- Bruce, Pablo, Steve, and Sonali up on deck running the boat, or our seven Barracudas Ryan, Nick, Alyssa, Tucker, Alex, Ellen, and Calvin amazing us underwater, this boat couldn’t have enjoyed a nicer combination of individuals. From Pico sailing to watersports to scuba diving in some of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean, Tanis Marie has proven to be an energetic and enthusiastic bunch. I can honestly say that I’ve never before had such a close group amongst every single shipmate. Cliques don’t form on this boat, and neither do major conflicts. That was a huge relief and something that I’m sure Aaron, Catie, and I will cherish for years to come. Watching the boat clean up and have a major packing session is saddening but exciting. It’s exciting for us to be leaving our shipmates with eternal memories, but it’s sad to see them go. Goodbye, Tanis crew! You’ve been amazing.