Location: West End

What a trip! In just three short weeks, the amazing crew of Peeps Larou has transformed from landlubbing scallywags to seafaring champions. We’ve been so impressed with all that our shipmates have accomplished as a team, from winning the AQ sandcastle contest (with Christian the singing mermaid) to achieving a close second in the dive sail race, with Tushar and Emily at the helm. We even climbed a mountain this week; Mt. Sage is the highest peak in the BVIs, and it was fantastic to see Marlena, Sam, Jake, Sophie, and Martina amongst the front of the pack! Now that we’re motoring back to West End where our adventure began, it’s getting all too real that our onboard family will be disbanding tomorrow. Rodrigo is deflating Jamal, the turtle, and Lindsey, Pranav, and Jivi are “working on” the snack stash to “get rid of it.” We’re sad to be saying our goodbyes so soon but so proud to be sending six new advanced scuba divers and seven specialty divers out into the world! We can’t wait to see where and how their adventures continue!