Location: West End

Today marked the culmination of a fantastic three weeks on board Love of my Life. All of the training, diving, sailing, and laughter of the past 19 days pieced themselves together as all of our shipmates became official rescue divers after successful completion of their final rescue scenario, and followed that up with victory in our race to Norman Island and an incredible final evening together sharing how we’ve all grown during our time together. I have learned so much from this incredible group of students and will only have the fondest memories of our time together. Regina’s passion and closeness with her family inspire me to keep closer with my own. Ian always seems to be learning to grow and is continuously tackling the challenges he faces. Austin is naturally quiet but creates such great relationships with everyone through listening and supporting all of us and then making us cry with laughter with his great sense of humor. The same goes for Alex W., who is one of the funniest people I have ever met but is so grounded and good-natured and always seems to have the pulse of the boat and knowing what we need. Will is another one who can catch you off guard and leave you in stitches at the drop of a hat, and then drop everything he’s doing to help out when he’s asked.

Gus is one of the strongest divers I’ve had, and was a natural leader in our rescue scenarios, always on top of the situation. Quinn is captain dependable and beyond keeping on top of all the things that need to get done, is also one of our strongest sailors and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Casey’s ability to adapt and succeed in any environment is so impressive. Moving out of the US and down into Mexico would be a challenge for any kid, but not only did Casey survive, he now speaks about it as one of the best things that have happened in his life and adores his new home. He also made Love of my Life a new home for all of us with his laid back nature and great stories. Carlos is one of the most dialed in teenagers I’ve ever met, and beyond being the easiest person to get along with, he has such a clear focus on what he wants to do, that I have trouble believing he’s still in high school. Natalie is one of the most passionate people I have met, and she has an incredible ability to bring and keep, a group together. She is a natural leader. This is my second summer with Allison, and I have been so immensely impressed with her growth and achievement over the past year. I have no doubt she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Alex H. is the most genuine person I have ever met, and she has the most incredible way of getting to know everyone on board on a very deep and personal level. I leave every conversation with her so impressed with her maturity and kindness. Her hometown friend Kathleen is very similar in her ability to connect with people and learn and grow from her interactions with others, but beyond that, she is so in tune with the person she is and never tries to be anything but that. As I said, this was an incredible group of people. We had an absolutely amazing time together and now have 13 new rescue divers who are trained and prepared to help out other divers in need should the time arise, but beyond that, our group bonded and grew in a way that has influenced me in the most positive ways, and I couldn’t be more proud of this group of students. They truly embody Love of my Life’s Rule No. 1: We are the best.