Location: West End

Coming closer and closer to the end of the trip, the shipmates seem to enjoy all of the activities more and more. With the very first fun dive on the RMS Rhone, which also happened to be the last dive of the trip, it was evident what an amazing journey all of our shipmates have taken. When Marissa, Ralph, Cameron, and Molly came up from the dive after seeing an eagle ray and a school of squid while diving like pros, I felt proud to have certified them. On Thursday while watching the sunset in Great Harbor, the shipmates shared what their favorite part of the day had been. Sabrina’s favorite moment had been skippering the boat, and with that said, it comes as no surprise how well she did on her practical sailing exam. Alex has shown what an excellent leader he is by taking responsibilities on the boat and always being willing to help out. Ryan has day after day proven to be a formidable chef, even when not assigned to the task. Amelia has been crowned the master of pancake making, in spite of numerous challenges to the title. It is also impressive to hear how well Guillaume has done in diving. Tucker and Catie, other instructors, also report that Caleb and Sam have done unbelievably well in the water. After speaking with the rest of the crew, it comes with ease to say how much everyone has grown as divers, sailors, and as young adults. This session has flown by, and we really will miss everyone aboard.