Location: West End

Hey everyone, Jack and Bobby here again (mainly Bobby). Celestial Storm has been having an awesome time with this bunch of shipmates, and it’s been a pleasure to watch them all open up and grow over the last 20 days. Brandon has been a keen hand at the winches, always ready to help get the perfect sail trim and get us on our way. Julie skippered us to a controversial first place during the highly coveted Pringles cup (sour cream and onion flavor) from Sandy (Cay or Spit) to our home port of West End. Alyssa overcame some ear issues, and we’re super excited to have her in the water scaring sharks as one of our newly certified PADI Open water divers along with the rest of the buddy teams; Lilly, Griffin, Austin, Brandon, Sam, Lexi, and Nick. With the above the water side of things, everyone passed their IYT competent crew certificate theory and practical with flying colors, Melissa also aced all her flotilla skipper and VHF radio tests. Nick has been taking a keen interest in the goings of the galley and is acting as resident chef adviser to all the chefs of the day overseeing meal preparations for the rest of the crew. For the dinner entertainment, Griffin has been keeping us all entertained by instigating freestyle rap battles between the crew, of which he is usually the victor. For the community service side of the program, the Questers, Coline, Julie, Melissa, and Livie have been working hard with Lifeworks with their charities to help with schools on the island and turtle tagging. Thanks for a great session!