Location: West End, Tortola

I can’t believe the session is coming to a close! It feels like yesterday all 12 shipmates were throwing their bags onboard and dancing in the rain on the bow during our first sail. Here we are 20 days later, and I believe this trip has impacted everyone for the better. Daniel, Zach, Anthony, and Jon learned how to cook for 14 people, and the other Daniel, Wes, and Noah became our expert anchor team. Everyone learned how to work expertly as a team to help keep our boat running smoothly. Caroline, Elizabeth, Valentina, and Mariana completed their scuba certifications with me and showed off their ridiculous celebration dances after their last skills dive. Everyone else celebrated together later on above water with brownies. Aaron was super excited that all who took the sailing exam passed! Everyone has greatly improved their wakeboarding and skiing skills, and Kayla got up today for her longest time yet! It has been an unbelievable three weeks that I will never forget. As sad as we’ll be that we no longer see each other every day, I know we’ll stay in touch. Prosecutor out.