Location: West End, Tortola

In the past ten days, Spindrift has come a long way. When you last heard from us, the boat was lying in Mt. Point on Virgin Gorda Southeast of Tortola. Since then we have traversed the whole northern coast of Tortola, and had a great time along the way building sandcastles, dancing at barbecues, and enjoying the view from the highest point in the Virgin Islands. More important than the physical distance covered is how the boat has come together as a family. Through all the good times and a few rough ones, we have gotten to know each other, Chris and JB have us all constantly laughing with their jokes and crazy antics. Izzie has been setting the soundtrack to Spindrift’s voyage with her excellent taste in music. I don’t know what we would do without Jordan and Ellie’s talent down in the galley making sure that meals are all delicious, and the galley is a happy and clean place. Taylor and Sara brighten up the whole boat with their smiles whenever they come up from a dive. Blas’ keen interest in sailing and seamanship has helped immensely with his ability to run the deck almost better than the staff. Dylan makes sure that the crew is happy between meals with an ample supply of snack foods to share. Vasilia is always there with a keen insight at the squeeze or to jump in during group conversations. It is going to be sad tomorrow when all these smiling faces that we’ve gotten to know so well over the past three weeks get on the taxi to go home.