Location: West End, Tortola

Pressing play on the morning CD we play each morning to wake up our students; I couldn’t believe the 17 days of this session had already gone by. It’s crazy to think the last time we were here at the West End, our shipmates had no idea what a halyard was, and yet yesterday, they ran our sailboat in the final race like it was second nature. Starting with our first sail up to Savannah Bay, we quickly discovered Will could not sit still if the main was not perfectly trimmed and that Beau loved being on the helm. Rachel, on the other hand, has faced sailing like everything we’ve done with the determination to try every skill, job, or activity at least twice. On days not spent sailing to our next destination, we set into our routine of rotation days. Rossites rotated between activities such as Pico sailing, knot tying, or Max or Tyler’s favorite wakeboarding. Whether encouraging Jo to slalom ski for the first time or trying to get Tyler to jump the wake, our dinghy was always full of playful shouts and laughter. Every rotation day, however, was not complete without the diving which Alex lived for. Back on Rossi, after every long day of exhausting fun, our students fell into their usual routine of saltwater showers and hanging out on the bow while waiting for the chefs of the day to finish preparing dinner. Before starting dinner each night, we sat down for the few still moments of the day to answer the skipper of the days squeeze question. Some responses took a more humorous tone, whereas Maggies amongst others prompted us to think more deeply about ourselves, our values, and what was most important to us. From earning their Open Water Dive certification and Competent Crew Sailing certification to scaling the rocks at the Baths, Rossi’s shipmates accomplished more than any of us thought possible in 17 days. Thanks for a great session, Rossi!