Location: West End, Tortola

Seventeen days ago the crew of Bavastro stepped aboard as strangers, became friends as they experienced the highs, lows, and challenges of life together at sea, and today departed the docks of West End as family. While each student gained new skills and knowledge in sailing, diving, and watersports, they also gained memories of moments big and little that will last even longer. From swimming with dolphins and observing sea turtles, perfecting backflips and friendship bracelet patterns, discovering new music or listening to the same playlist on repeat, photographing the brilliant hues of a Mountain Point sunset or the views from Salt Island, dancing to DJ Heavy B or making friends at Sandy Spit, laughing uncontrollably to singing softly, finding jumping rocks and more bags of Cheerios, making face masks or baking cakes, the experiences we had together will not be soon forgotten. There were less blog-worthy moments too- we saw seasickness, jellyfish, rainy days, sleepless nights, and yes- Zesting capsizes, tangled hair, and lots of dirty dishes! But these challenges only brought us closer, and overcoming them together is part of the experience as well. The staff of Bavastro couldn’t have been prouder of and happier to be a part of this crew and this voyage and will miss each and every one of you terribly. Safe travels to all, and hope to see you next year!