Location: West End, Tortola

It’s day 17, and I can’t believe that in a matter of hours, I will be returning S/Y Squeakybrat to Road Town without a single shipmate on board. I won’t be able to depend on Arianna’s fantastic helming on the way out of West End, whilst still politely reminding me of the battery alarms. Emilio and Dassa won’t be on board to cheer everyone up with their infectious smiles and exhilarating dance moves. And Beth “the dependable” won’t be there to discretely do all the tidying up and coiling of dock lines. I’m also going to miss Leo standing by on the lazy jib sheet; along with Matt & Daniel, we’d consistently have hilarious conversations about gigantic Jurassic sharks and landlocked countries in the African continent. Session #3 has been incredible. Watching Tommy perfect his MOB technique and become a knot-master has been extremely fulfilling for me. But beyond the hard-skills taught at AQ, it’s been fantastic watching my students develop and group mentality to get things done. Danika has really taken the initiative, leading by example, whenever a task was thrown at her. Brechin really brought everyone together with her cheery attitude and motherly instincts. And who could forget Ilan & Jay’s continual joking and laughter, which continually lightened the mood and lifted our spirits? Although the sailing and scuba certifications are a great take-home, I believe we all grew emotionally in this experience over the past 16 days together. Thank you for all your hard work and strength, Squeaky B. We wouldn’t have been the same without you.