Location: West End, Tortola

It’s been an excellent session aboard Orka Tew. A record amount of crunchy peanut butter has been consumed; laughs had, friendships made. We are proud of all our Neptune students, who have all completed their advanced open water diver course, wreck, night, boat diver, equipment, and underwater naturalist certifications. We are equally impressed with our Dolphin shipmates, who have completed their incredible research projects and diving certifications, including some impressive underwater photography! As incredible as it has been to see our shipmates excel in diving, the friendships they’ve made and the teamwork skills they’ve learned are what will stay with them forever. We’ve seen the shipmates work together to become excellent dinghy handlers and moorers, but also they’ve learned how to work with each other through projects, cooking, and cleaning. From early morning wake-ups to late nights chatting on the blue lagoon and all the diving and sailing in between, we hope the shipmates of Orka Tew will not forget the excellent adventure they had this summer…. we certainly won’t forget them!