Location: West End, Tortola

The past 17 days have been amazing! The crew of Sambamba has learned together, grown together, and laughed together, and we are truly sad to see this session come to an end. As the crew packed up and stepped off of the stern this morning, the staff reflected back on what an amazing session it has been. Each and every one of our shipmates showed personal growth and proved their knowledge and skill by earning sailing and diving certifications along the way. It is hard to believe that Oliver and Alex had never met before ActionQuest. From day one, these two were inseparable. They made such a great team, whether that is as chefs cooking in the galley or as the anchor team at the bow. Jack was usually heading up anchor team or mooring team, helping us teach knots, points of sail, and seamanship. Rachel and Augusta were always the ones making us laugh during squeeze or anytime we were supposed to be serious. All in all, serious was hard to come by as a group, and that’s the way we liked it! Trevor, Lara, and Emily were usually the shepherds of the group. They were always thinking big picture, and making sure everyone was involved and having a good time. Del was the entertainer of the crew, teaching us how to dance and beatbox every time a catchy song came on. Our favorite song to sing and dance to/our general theme song was I Like to Cha Cha. Anytime this song came on; the entire crew broke out in song and dance. Sambama was known throughout the program as the funniest and happiest boat! Levi was another source of laughter and happiness. He always had something funny to say and kept the group happy and upbeat in dull moments. Levi was also our secret weapon in the galley. Anytime a chef needed help; he was usually already there to save the day. Our stomachs, thank Levi! Sebastian’s positivity and cheeky, infectious smile always kept everyone upbeat, lifting the spirits of the whole crew. Cha Cha, Ruth, and I really want to thank the crew for being so great and making our jobs easy. Teaching and living with 14 strangers may sound like a challenge at first, but honestly, this was one of the best sessions of AQ! Sam Bam Fam Bam!!